Various Artists' Laboratory of Interactive Art and Design is a creative association of artists, designers, engineers, and programmers, that started working in 2009. VALab is an open platform for interdisciplinary projects related to education, science, technology, and art. The main participants as well as the objects implementation base are located in Moscow. There are two major directions of VALab’s work: Design (interactive exhibits) and Art (media-, techno-, science art). We have recently started elaborating on a new activity – the development of interactive exhibitions.


We create

  • Clear demonstrations of scientific phenomena, principles, laws, and processes

  • Simple interactive explanations of how technical devices operate

We explore

  • Senses and issues that arise from our interactions with rapidly developing technology and knowledge

  • The esthetic potential within intersections of different fields, systems, and realities.


We understand the differences between art or critical design and education exhibits. We use separated approaches to solving practical (applied) and research tasks. Our activity always remains within one the same global process - the study of the reality.


We think that ART is a way of cognition as well as:

Art is a part of cultural and social processes;

Art is a way of exploring variable realities;

Art is a tool of searching non-obvious connections;

Art is a mean to research yourself.

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