Bestiary, 2009
"Otpechatki" International Biennale, exhibition hall Petrozavodsk, 2009
Science Festival at Museum of Industrial History of Petrozavodsk, 2012

Bestiary is an attempt to present “messages” of stones. The implementation of this idea is based on presumption that reflected oscillations from each mineral are different. On account of these distinctions we propose to consider each oscillation as an original “message” from a stone.

We created a device receiving these “messages” in order to record sounds (modulating the coherent laser radiation) reflected from the stones and increase them a hundred thousand times. All sounds were fixed on the White Sea coast, but notably interesting issue is how to encode these “messages”. Perhaps the most successful way to understand sounds meaning is to translate them through human consciousness. It is possible to implement appropriating psychological methods which examine perception and comprehension of various notions including symbolic concepts. Thus, methodology is the computer program «МИФИ Карма» created by professors of Sent-Petersburg State University  Arkady Naftuljev. Ten people were involved in our experiment. The result is classification of all sounds in four groups related to four notions: euphoria (happiness), risk, indifference and reflection. All sounds were presented as sound poems of the stones in a dark room with soft walls and floor to achieve clear audio influence.Sound poems presented in the dark room with four colors lights wich related with these four notion in the computer program «МИФИ Карма». Science consultant: psychologist Elena Gromova.

Photos by Inna Kazakova.


Photos by Inna Kazakova