Intro-version, 2008
"Exit" Media Center, Petrozavodsk

Human life is the extraordinary reality which is, in the first place, a radical reality - radical in the sense that it relates to all other realities; all of them - real or potential - somehow reveal themselves in it. (José Ortega y Gasset).

This extraordinary reality is, first of all, the reality which surrounds us, the outside world, interacting with which all living beings exist. However, a human being has one "advantage", the ability to plunge into another reality that exists "outside" of the real world. This is an inner world (intus – something innermost). And this world, first of all, consists of the ideas, feelings, and emotional experiences. Within the bounds of this world, we use concepts with an abstract meaning, which varies depending on the vector of our beliefs, whether it’s faith in mind or religion. Example: The individual, authoritarianism, collectivism, liberalism, and many other terms from different fields and for different purposes. And there are concepts in this "purely human world", which are "the indicators of our humanity". The words such as self-alienation, self- submersion, self-sacrifice, selflessness, compassion, anti-human, superhuman, dehumanization.  Is it possible to reveal the contents of these concepts, abstracting away from the outside world? Will they keep their content? Or will they become absolutely abstract and something that we consider to be innermost turn out not to be connected with us at all? Intuitively, it seems that these words are hiding something simple and clear to everyone.

Is it possible to visualize these concepts and take a detached view? Will we feel the difference between sacrifice and something anti-human? Thus, wherever the mind and the soul are, all of them are inside of the body, which is the boundary between two worlds. And formally, it is the most accessible palpable surface of "internal". The basis of the images – macro shooting of a body and shooting the surface of skin and scrapings via microscope. This is an improvisation on the following 8 concepts: self-alienation, self- submersion, self-sacrifice,  selflessness, compassion, anti-human, superhuman, dehumanization.