The artificial neural network – is a mathematical model constructed according to principles of working of human brain neurons. American scientists created an analytical system of electronic neurons in 1940-th. The Russian neural network school  started to emerge in the middle of 1960s and actively contributed to the development of neurocomputers. Like our brain, the artificial neural network is capable of learning and parallel processing of information. It is also allows to fix non-linear unusual tasks related to classification, analysis, forecasting, pattern, text or speech recognition. Neural network served as an impetus of the robotechnology development, and until now neural network is a priority direction of an investigation of artificial intelligence.

The Interactive object “Neural network” - is an experiment in creating bio-electronic system. It is a graphic constructor and a way of communication. Everyone can become a creator and a part of neural network “architecture”, analyzing and predicting the actions of the “interlocutor”.


2 screens,
2 kinects.

Two screens are located in such a way that users of each of them can not see each other, but the system is controlled by the actions of each user.


Programmer and co-author: Alex Shaliapin.

Neural Network, 2015
Polytechnical museum, Moscow
Neural Network