Talk to Yourself, 2016
Polygons of "Sirius" Educational Centre, Sochi

The installation invites visitors to connect with Alter Ego through “Finding Yourself in Another” by questioning personal boundaries. 

A Visitor is invited to sit on a chair. He or she has to pass a short test. According to the results of the test, the program displays a character (avatar) that is the least emotionally close to a visitor. A Virtual character is able to keep a conversation in different ways. While interlocutors are talking, the camera, installed in front of the viewer, captures the features and facial expressions of the visitor. If the dialogue with Alter Ego has a positive dynamics, it means that interlocutors have found themes in common and are keeping the conversation going. As a result, the Character transforms into a new guise appropriating some facial features of the viewer. 
The conversation continues will continue until the visitor comes out of the avatar’s field of view, however the transformation process is limited and the avatar will never be able to lose its original appearance completely.


In collaboration with the Institute of Creative Psychology (Moscow) and Promobot company (Perm).

Programming: Alex Shalyapin, Vladimir Kharitonov;

Character models: Julia Muzykant, Daria Koryakova;

Mimicry: Alexey Melnichuk.